The P word and me

Donald Trump’s sex tape (because what else can you call it?) where he said he could “grab [women] by the pussy” because he was a celebrity reminds me of the time when I was working in a small software office outside of Boston as a 23 year old graduate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. There a coworker who was the “star” of the office asked me if I had ever had sex on a washing machine, and that the movement of the machine would make my pussy feel nice.

He said this to me in front of other coworkers, including a high school intern, while we all sat at a lunch table in the cafeteria. Everyone laughed except me.

I wrote everything he said down on a document and showed it to the heads of the company. They spoke to him and gave him a reprimand and told him to apologize to me. He apologized to me in a hallway, just me and him, and the way he looked at me made me even more afraid than the original words he’d spoken.

I didn’t last long in that job.

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