Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust endangered by govt. headmaster


This note is from Naween Mangi, the head of the Trust, which has been operating in Khairo Dero for the last 8 years.

Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust, a non-profit working in Khairo Dero village, district Larkana, in all aspects of rural development adopted the Govt Boys High School in Khairo Dero in 2014. The school was as good as non-functional with zero student attendance. We increased attendance to 75 and hired five people on own payroll to teach, supervise and monitor the school.

The government headmaster of the school, whose salary is around 100,000 rupees, refused to cooperate, barring other govt staff from performing their duties and creating as many hurdles as he could in the functioning of the school. He stole an entire solar power system bought from school funds and removed it to his residence. In addition, he stole doors, windows, bulbs and other material from the school.

Despite our plea to cooperate over two years and our repeated complaints to the education dept, nothing changed. On the morning of Jan 23, 2017, the headmaster took our organization’s staff by their arms, threw them out of the school and refused any entry to our teaching or supervising staff. This is despite the fact that the school is officially under our adoption for eight more years.

Is this the treatment teachers deserve? A group of villagers held a peaceful protest at the school demanding he leave the premises but he refused. Photos are attached. Then a bus-load of protesters went to the director education’s office in Larkana where the director did not so much as step out of her office to address the public. Is this the respect the public deserves from its own servants?

The group of protestors included over 50 students from the school but she refused even to address them. The secretary education has summoned the headmaster to Karachi weeks ago but backed as he is by political support from PPP leaders, he refused to show up there.


Is anyone in the government listening? Why is the future of our children held hostage by these corrupt people? We demand action. We demand this individual receive the highest form of punishment. We demand an explanation as to why this is allowed to happen in public schools owned by the public and run by public.  

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