The Pakistani Woman’s Struggle

Shared from Nighat Dad‘s FB page:

“Her brother in law wanted to marry her (yes that sounds weird). He used to send her obscene texts on mobile phone, she was always forced to visit her sister by her family because of course, no one was going to believe that her brother in law was harassing her offline and online.

“She tried to save her sister’s marital life but one day her brother in law stopped her on way to university, asked her to go with him and when she refused he threw acid on her face. This brave young girl refused to accept this as fate; she got support from activists working on acid prevention and we both were mainly in touch because of the blackmailing she was facing from her perpetrator’s side. This criminal sent her text messages that he would post her doctored pics on internet if she didn’t take back the case.

“We both used to talk about the case on and off, sometimes she used to be low due to the fact that her perpetrator was roaming freely but she was never discouraged.

“Today after one year and 7 months of pursuing her case, her perpetrator was sentenced to 28 years’s imprisonment and a 20 lakh fine (nearly USD $19,000). She had cosmetic surgery on the day of the hearing but she made sure to send me this picture and requested me to post it on Facebook and let other women know that together we are stronger and we can fight these battles with solidarity and determination.

“More power to you S! (she requested me to post the message and her picture.)”

This young woman was able to get justice against her attacker because of feminist activism, the support of NGOs and the personal intervention of Nighat Dad, a lawyer-activist who gave her legal and moral support, and her own personal courage. Spread her story far and wide to show that men who stalk, assault, and attack women are not going to get away with it anymore.



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