Sign this Petition on Sexual Harassment

Are you a Pakistani or diaspora artist, writer, or fellow cultural practitioner? Then I invite you to go here to the Creative Process’s Web site to sign a petition in support of Meesha Shafi and “all other survivors of sexual harassment that have come forward, or are yet to be vocal about their trauma.”

From the petition:

We reject the larger system of patriarchy which holds the reputation of an abuser above the well-being of the survivor, perpetuating a culture of silence around sexual harassment and abuse, and systematically reprimanding those that do come forward.  

It is important that institutes follow up these initial dialogues with concrete steps such as instituting / enforcing sexual harassment policies that can lead to the creation of safer spaces. Nothing short of that is acceptable.

We believe it is imperative to re-evaluate the current approach towards what we consider ‘evidence’ of such incidents. It is critical that we allow each of these stories to come forward, without judgement, so that patterns of sexual harassment as endemic can be recognized, and the law on this issue subsequently broadened.

To sign, just leave your name and area of practice in the comments.

Share widely and use the hashtags #metoo #timesup!

Here’s a piece from the Dawn about why I signed it, and why others did too:
Prominent figures in fashion and the arts are signing this petition on sexual harassment – Art & Culture – Images