Izzat vs. Insaaniyat: “What Will People Say”

Last night I watched “What Will People Say” (Hva Vil Folk Si) on Netflix, Norway’s official Oscar contender this year. This film is a powerful drama about a Pakistani family in Norway and their young daughter’s struggle with her parents’ values. It is based on filmmaker Iram Haq’s own story of being similarly caught between […]

Nothing compares 2 U, Allah

I’ll admit to being somewhat astonished when I heard that Sinead O’Connor has converted to Islam. She declared this yesterday: she has changed her name to Shuhada Davitt and is now covering her hair. This video of her on YouTube shows her singing the azaan, the Muslim call to prayer in her own inimitable style, […]

The Rise of Feminist Dystopian Fiction

I’m really thrilled that my new novel “Before She Sleeps” is considered part of a “growing canon of female-centered science fiction looks at questions of gender inequality, misogyny and institutionalized sexism.” Here are two recent articles about this new canon of feminist dystopian fiction, the first in the New York Times, by book reporter Alexandra […]