Before She Sleeps



Forthcoming, Delphinium Books, August 7 2018
This dystopian novel from one of Pakistan’s most talented writers is a modern-day parable, The Handmaid’s Tale about women’s lives in repressive Muslim countries everywhere. It takes the patriarchal practices of female seclusion and veiling, gender selection, and control over women’s bodies, amplifies and distorts them in a truly terrifying way to imagine a world of post-religious authoritarianism.

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A Season For Martyrs

Delphinium Books 2014

The story of Sindh, modern and ancient, seen through the eyes of Ali Sikander, a Pakistani television reporter assigned to cover the return of Benazir Bhutto in 2007. Amidst deadly terrorist attacks and protest marches, this contemporary narrative thread weaves in flashbacks that chronicle the deep and beautiful tales of Pakistani history, of the mythical gods who once protected this land.

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Also published in France as
La Huitieme Reine
Actes Sud 2016

Slum Child

Westland Tranquebar 2010

Laila, a young Pakistani Christian girl, lives in Karachi’s poorest quarter, Issa Colony. The grim circumstances of Laila’s life are counter-balanced by her energy, vitality and determination to survive. Slum Child is the story of a girl forced to run alone, strong and courageous, to a future that cannot deny her happiness.

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Also published in Italian as
La Bambina Che Non Poteva Sognare
Newton Compton 2008

And in Spanish as
La Nina Que No Podia Sonar
Grijalbo Mondadori 2009

The Alhamra Collection
Blessings and other stories (2006)


The 786 Cybercafe (2004)


Where They Dream in Blue (20010)


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Animal Medicine

OUP Pakistan 2000

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