Live Tweets From the Royal Wedding

I watched half of the Royal Wedding today but I was compelled to live-tweet Bishop Michael Curry’s speech today (I called him Reverend by mistake):   15:30: Reverend Curry’s African-American style of oration is making all the British guests nervous 15:32: The English priests are all looking studiously away as Rev. Curry appeals to them […]

Pakistan Hit by The Santa Fe School Shooting

This is Sabika Sheikh. She was in a high school exchange program from Pakistan to Santa Fe. She was shot yesterday in the school shooting. She was supposed to come back to Pakistan on Eid. She was in the US on a Kennedy-Lugar Youth and Study (YES) exchange. She was from Karachi. Inna lillahe wa […]

Sign this Petition on Sexual Harassment

Are you a Pakistani or diaspora artist, writer, or fellow cultural practitioner? Then I invite you to go here to the Creative Process’s Web site to sign a petition in support of Meesha Shafi and “all other survivors of sexual harassment that have come forward, or are yet to be vocal about their trauma.” From the petition: […]

On Junot Diaz

In the last two days a lot has happened: the cancellation of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and the sexual misconduct allegations against Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Diaz. I never expected that when I wrote this tweet, it would cause heated discussions about the nature of Diaz’s New Yorker essay, and whether revelations of his […]

An Open Letter to PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooryi

Dear Ms. Nooryi: By now you must be aware of the sexual harassment allegations against your spokesperson, the Pakistani musician and actor Ali Zafar, by Pakistani actress and singer Meesha Shafi. It has become a worldwide story, reported not just in Pakistan, but in India, the Gulf, and beyond. If you are unaware of the […]

Good Women and Whores: The Two States of Women in Pakistan

I think a lot about the position of Pakistani women in our country today. I’m delighted every time a Pakistani women does something noteworthy — the first female diplomat posted to Saudi Arabia, for example, is a Pakistani woman called Fouzia Fayyaz. Similarly, I’m dismayed when something terrible happens to a Pakistani woman just because […]

Cake by Asim Abbasi: A Review

Last night I finally got to see Cake, the Pakistani movie by Asim Abbasi that everyone’s been talking about.  Pakistani cinema has been undergoing a resurgence in the last five years and Cake is the lastest, and some say best, example of this renaissance. As far as plots go it was fairly run-of-the-mill: far-flung family reunited […]