Benazir Bhutto et moi

Je me souviens très bien la seule fois que j’ai rencontrée Benazir Bhutto. 1992: une soirée, une grande réception au consulat Américain. J’étais étudiante aux Etats-Unis, mais je revenais à Karachi chaque année pendant les vacances d’été. Je suis allée à la soirée avec mon père, qui était ministre. Il parlait à une dame grande, […]

Aurat March, Slogans and Posters

Now that the Aurat March has taken place successfully, many are striking back against what they see as women’s obscenity, vulgarity, need for attention, and even therapy in public. The Internet has been awash with comments from men and women attacking the marchers, and focusing on the placards they carried rather than for the reasons […]

Aurat March 2019

Recently the BBC made a program about being a woman in Pakistan. Accompanying the main program is a quick clip with soundbites from some young Pakistani women about how they live their lives here: In turns hopeful, frustrated, angry, proud, determined, these women describe what they face in Pakistan: “I’m covering my head, not my […]

Before She Sleeps shortlisted for Getz Fiction Prize

I was delighted to find out that Before She Sleeps is shortlisted for the Getz Fiction Prize being awarded at the inaugural Adab Festival on February 1, along with Mohammed Hanif’s Red Birds, Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire, and Zarrar Said’s Pureland. That’s some illustrious competition! It made me think about Pakistani writing in English, which […]

The Courage of Saudi Women

I have been watching the nail-biting case of Rahaf Al-Qunun as it has played out over social media and the international news. The case has rightly brought the guardianship system of Saudi Arabia to the forefront: this is a system that decrees all women, of any age, must have a male guardian from among their […]

Essential Pakistani Women on Twitter

This list came out of a thread that was started by Nighat Dad (@nighatdad) who asked people to tag the Twitter accounts of Pakistani women that they found compelling enough to follow. There was a valid question in the thread raised by Oil_is_Opium (Karachi Feminist) about whether lists like these are exclusionary and perpetuate the […]