The Rise of Feminist Dystopian Fiction

I’m really thrilled that my new novel “Before She Sleeps” is considered part of a “growing canon of female-centered science fiction looks at questions of gender inequality, misogyny and institutionalized sexism.” Here are two recent articles about this new canon of feminist dystopian fiction, the first in the New York Times, by book reporter Alexandra […]

Woman as Giving Tree

I’ve been reading Kate Manne’s “Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny” and came to the chapter about misogyny and entitlement. Manne writes that there are masculine-coded goods that a man is entitled to, and feminine-coded goods that a woman owes or ought to give. A man is entitled to, among other things: social positions of […]

Are Feminist Dystopias The Next Big Trend In Fiction?

I’m thrilled to be featured in this essay by Elena Nicolaou, writing for Refinery29, along with Christina Dalcher, whose novel Vox is making a lot of waves. “Bina Shah’s novel, Before She Sleeps, out August 7, is an indication that this burgeoning new genre can continue to break ground and go beyond Atwood comparisons — so […]

Misogyny in Action

This column was first published in A recently-published biography, The Sensational Life and Death of Qandeel Baloch by the journalist Sanam Maher, traces the life of the famous Pakistani woman from the Punjabi village where she was born as Fauzia Azeem, through her hard-fought battle to become Qandeel Baloch, Pakistan’s most well-known social media […]